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Galaxy Buds, the latest addition to Samsung’s lineup of audio equipment, are high-quality and widely compared to numerous competitors. Klarna and Galaxy Buds are the perfect pairing when new earbuds are in order. Klarna remains a popular financing method because of its simplicity and ease of use.

As a new addition to the headphone market in 2019, Galaxy Buds are manufactured by global heavyweight Samsung. Four different models are available as of late 2021, and each offer a different listening experience. Whether you’re looking for the basics or you need active noise cancelling for your sanity, Samsung’s got a pair of Galaxy Buds for you.

1. Abunda

Shopping for your new Galaxy Buds through Abunda has a few incomparable perks. To start, Abunda offers more than 100 million Amazon products for purchase, and you can bundle your entire cart at checkout. Weigh your options with payment plans from Klarna and four other financiers to see your ideal payment. Simply add your favorite color and iteration of Galaxy Buds to your Abunda cart along with any other products. Choose your payment plan and you’re on your way to an excellent pair of headphones! 

With payments starting as low as $19 per month, Abunda makes snagging Galaxy Buds a total breeze. Plus, rapid 2 to 3-day shipping and 30-day returns are included in your purchase as always.


  • Swift 2 to 3-day shipping on purchases
  • Finance your whole cart at checkout
  • Choose between Klarna and four other financing options


  • Abunda currently offers financing on Amazon products only

Galaxy Buds Plus

As low as $30/mo for 6 months with Klarna


Galaxy Buds Pro

As low as $34/mo for 6 months with Klarna

Finance these and millions more on Abunda

2. Overstock 

Online shopping haven Overstock is popular for their consistent deals on a library of over one million products. Buying Galaxy Buds through Overstock enables you to use Klarna financing to pay off your headphones over time.  

Select your Galaxy Buds of choice and add them to your cart to get a financing estimate. Complete checkout and get ready for an unparalleled listening experience! Free ground shipping and 30-day returns are yours as well.


  • 3 to 6-day shipping included in purchase
  • Combine Klarna with store gift cards at checkout


  • Faster shipping is offered from other vendors

Klarna One-Time Card 

If you’re not in the mood to go through a vendor for your Galaxy Buds, consider the Klarna One-Time Card. Originally called the Ghost Card, the One-Time Card allows you to purchase from any online store located in the US. As opposed to using Klarna through a website, the One-Time Card is tied to its own specific card number & payment plan. Access these details at any time on your Klarna account page.

Create a One-Time Card through your Klarna account page, or complete your purchase in the Klarna app to secure your Galaxy Buds. One-Time Cards have a 24-hour window for use, so be sure to complete your purchase quickly!


  • Manage your financing plans through Klarna’s app
  • Prompt refunds & corrections are issued as needed
  • Unique card numbers on each purchase help to avoid fraud


  • Klarna’s app must be used to make your Galaxy Buds purchase
  • One-Time Cards are only valid for 24 hours after activation
  • Klarna does not accept American Express

Galaxy Buds Origins 

Initially released in March of 2019, Galaxy Buds are Samsung’s answer to high-quality in-ear headphones. Galaxy Buds were first introduced with just one version that came standard with a wireless charging case. However, as of 2020, Samsung stepped up their game. 

2020 saw the announcement of Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live. Galaxy Buds Plus price at approximately $20 more and feature increased battery life and an improved microphone, while the Galaxy Buds Live were acclaimed for their bean-shaped appearance. Despite active noise cancellation being integrated on the Buds Live, Samsung received blowback for this feature being ineffective compared to their competitors.

After these improvements, 2021 saw even more new releases from Samsung. The Galaxy Buds Pro came out in January and were lauded for their head tracking tech and improved audio. However, the noise cancelling feature still fell flat since it rapidly drained the battery. Galaxy Buds 2 were released in August and were generally seen as a successor to the now discontinued Buds Plus. Active noise cancellation and overall performance for a lower price won Samsung considerable acclaim for their fine-tuned success. 

Why Finance Galaxy Buds?

Everyone’s been in a cash crunch when one of their products stops working. Headphones are a pivotal item that allow anyone to enjoy their commute, study hard or stay motivated during a workout. Financing is convenient so that you can replace broken items or splurge without serious financial repercussions. 

Galaxy Buds Alternatives 

It’s hard to know how you’ll like the fit of Galaxy Buds before owning them. If you’re unsure, or you just want to check out some different options, there are plenty of headphone alternatives to consider.

Most Comparable – Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods consistently beat out their competitors, both because of Apple’s namesake and the quality build they retain. Two styles of earbuds are available as of 2021 – the standard AirPods and the AirPods Pro. The Pro version offers three fits to customize the feel of your AirPods for a comfortable and snug fit every time. It’s no wonder AirPods are some of the most popular headphones in history.

Apple AirPods Pro

As low as $39/mo for 6 months with Klarna


Most Affordable – Beats Studio Buds

Beats headphones are a mainstay in the device market. As the brainchild of Dr. Dre, they offer unparalleled audio so you’ll get a rich listening experience like you would in a live recording session. Beats Studio Buds offer the same vibe in a smaller package that fits in the ear. Beats are a safe bet for solid audio quality, and they’re generally less expensive than Galaxy Buds.

Beats Studio Buds

As low as $28/mo for 6 months with Klarna


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