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Beats headphones are one of the millions of products available for financing through Klarna. Between options like Abunda, Overstock and the Klarna One-Time Card, you’re bound to find a financing option that works well for your budget. 

Introduced in 2008, Beats headphones continue to be met with monstrous success. The idea of a studio headphone sold to the masses was concocted by music mogul Dr. Dre, and he hasn’t stopped reinventing since. Acquired by Apple in 2014, Beats now offers eight different models of headphones to choose from, and they’re still a hugely popular choice for a quality listening experience.

1. Abunda

Over 100 million Amazon products are available through Abunda, and Beats headphones remain highly in demand. Whether you’re looking for Beats earbuds or on-ear styles, add them to your cart at the click of a button to get started. Payments start as low as $23 depending on the Beats you’re after, and you can compare between four other financing options at checkout. 

Bundling products with your Beats is even easier with Abunda, since you can checkout under a minute and quickly finance your entire Amazon purchase. You have a full 30-day return window as well as swift 2-3-day shipping.


  • Use Klarna to finance for your entire purchase at checkout
  • Select the payment plan that’s right for you
  • Ultra-fast shipping


  • Financing currently applies to qualifying Amazon products only

Beats Studio3 Headphones

As low as $25/mo for 12 months with Klarna


Beats Studio Buds

As low as $28/mo for 6 months with Klarna


Powerbeats Pro Earbuds

As low as $34/mo for 6 months with Klarna

Finance these and millions more on Abunda

2. Klarna One-Time Card

The One-Time Card is Klarna’s secure option for purchasing merchandise from any online store located in the US. As opposed to using Klarna through other services, the Klarna One-Time Card offers its own unique card numbers and payment plans. These features are tied to your account and easily accessible the Klarna app.

Attain your Beats by creating a One-Time Card through your Klarna account page, or by completing your purchase in the Klarna app. One-Time Cards are only good for 24 hours, so act fast once you’ve created your card!


  • Manage your cards & payment plans through Klarna’s app
  • Receive rapid corrections & refunds for any remaining balance
  • Cards are attached to an exclusive card number to avoid fraud


  • Beats purchase must be made through the Klarna app
  • One-Time Cards are only valid for 24 hours after activation
  • Klarna does not accept American Express

3. Overstock

While many retailers may feature other financing options, Overstock is one of the few that also uses Klarna to finance purchases. With four payments as low as $27, Beats headphones have never been easier to come by!  

Use Klarna through Overstock to seamlessly finance your entire purchase on one payment schedule. Add your Beats of choice and other items to your cart and peruse your payment schedule to start check out!


  • Can combine payment with store gift cards at checkout
  • Free 3-6-day ground shipping


  • Faster shipping is available elsewhere

Beats Biography 

Co-championed by Interscope Records mogul Jimmy Iovine, Beats began as a love affair between popular culture, mass markets and creativity. After turning down a sneaker deal as the result of Iovine’s advice, both Dre & Iovine decided to hit the speaker business, and the rest is history.

Initially reviewed by artists of all kinds, Beats are ideal for musicians and audiophiles worldwide. They’re also ultra-stylish to match the vibe of youth culture, something that other headphone manufacturers viewed as an afterthought. With Apple’s acquisition, these core tenets and technologies have been combined to yield an ideal marriage between sound and style. Beats are bass-focused, fun to use, and here to stay in the ever-changing landscape of music.

Why Finance Beats? 

Headphones are nearly a necessity these days, especially when commuting or working in a crowded space. While sub-par sound is easy to find, Beats offer a solid investment for your listening experience so you can groove wherever you’re at. Whether your headphones are missing in action or you just want to treat yourself, sometimes large impulse purchases just aren’t feasible. Financing options like Klarna offer the chance to splurge without guilt or anxiety about paying for your purchase all at once. Financing removes the pressure so you can enjoy your new Beats! 

Beats Alternatives

It comes as no surprise that there’s hesitancy with large purchases like Beats. Whether you want something more affordable or just aren’t interested in the hype, there are plenty of comparable headphones on the market that provide a similar experience.

Most Affordable – Skullcandy Headphones

Skullcandy has made it their mission to provide solid, affordable headphones for the masses. Whether you’re looking for over-ear headphones like the Crusher, or ear buds like the Sesh are more your speed, Skullcandy’s got options that echo the Beats vibe at a lower price point. With financing options as low as $7 per month, your bank account won’t take as much of a beating from your purchase. 

Most Comparable – Bose Headphones

Founded in 1964, Bose is primarily known for their superior quality audio products. Similar to Beats, Bose offers a variety of headphone styles at comparable prices with clear, crisp sound. Snag the SoundSport Pulse ear buds for $19 per month, or scale up to the QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones for $31 payments. Whether you choose Bose or Beats, your listening experience will be elevated to new levels.

Additional Features – Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods have steadily become one of the most popular headphone choices in recent history, and this is only enhanced by their recent expansion into over-ear headphones. AirPods are especially ideal for Apple users because they easily sync and swap with all Apple devices, and they’re super easy to use. Score the basic in-ear AirPods for as little as $22 per month, or upgrade to AirPods Max for $46 payments.

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