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Quick Overview 🚀

Klarna offers reasonable financing on the Oculus VR headset as well as millions of other products. Using Klarna through Abunda, GameStop or their own One-Time Card is ideal when you want to treat yourself on a budget.

The Oculus VR headset is the latest device transcending normal to bring you an inclusive gaming and entertainment experience. Initially released in March 2016, the Oculus Rift has gone through a few iterations over the years. The current Oculus Quest 2 boasts over five million active users as of 2021, and it features wireless use for even more accessibility. Even though Oculus headsets are a pricy investment, Klarna takes the guesswork out of your purchase so money is the last of your worries.

1. Abunda

Abunda offers financing for the Oculus Quest 2 as well as a variety of other products. Start by simply adding the Oculus of your choice to your cart. Financing through Klarna starts as low as $28 per payment for an Oculus Quest, and you can compare this plan with a variety of financing options to see your ideal offer. Select your plan of choice and complete checkout in under a minute!

In addition to fun tech gadgetry, Abunda offers financing on your entire Amazon cart at checkout. Over 100 million Amazon products are eligible for purchase through Abunda, and you’re guaranteed 30-day returns and fast shipping.


  • Select your ideal payment plan out of five choices
  • Finance an entire cart worth of products


  • Abunda only offers Amazon products for financing at this time

Oculus Quest 2

As low as $28/mo for 12 months with Klarna

Finance these and millions more on Abunda

2. Klarna One-Time Card

Klarna’s One-Time Card (formerly called the Ghost Card) can be used at any online store in the United States. One-Time Cards offer their own individual payment plans and card numbers, and they’re all stored in your Klarna account for easy management. 

Create a One-Time Card by completing your purchase through the Klarna app, or by accessing your account page for a new card. Add your Oculus Quest to your cart in the Klarna app and choose one of the above payment options. Complete your purchase quickly, as One-Time Cards expire after 24 hours!


  • Receive a unique card number to avoid fraudulent purchases
  • Individually manage your payment plans through the Klarna app
  • Klarna offers prompt refunds & corrections for remaining balances


  • One-Time Cards work for only 24 hours
  • American Express is not accepted through Klarna
  • The Klarna app must be used to purchase your Oculus Quest

3. GameStop 

Financing an Oculus through GameStop’s Klarna option is another viable alternative. You’ll get free premium shipping and have four easy payments to complete over the course of six weeks.

Klarna through GameStop offers financing on your entire cart at purchase with the same payment schedule. Add the Oculus and other gadgetry to your cart and easily get a payment breakdown for your entire purchase.


  • Free premium shipping at no extra cost
  • Two additional financing options to consider


  • Cannot combine GameStop gift cards and Klarna financing

Oculus Benefits 

Immersion is the name of the game with any Oculus device. VR headsets allow the user to eliminate distractions with goggles that fit snugly over your face. The most recent iteration, Oculus Quest 2, ditches cables for wireless gameplay.

The Oculus store has a plethora of experiences and games to keep you entertained long after your first session. Even with so much playable content, you can add more options by connecting your Oculus to the Steam network using a computer. In addition, you can easily stream your gameplay to platforms like Twitch and Facebook so your friends can join the fun. 

However, the Oculus is not just a gaming device. You can also download streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu when you just feel like laying low by yourself. While sharing your gaming experience may be half the fun, the Oculus offers a chance to do both no matter what mood you’re in. 

Why Finance an Oculus?

Whether you’re buying an Oculus for yourself or someone else, you may not have the cash saved up to make a large purchase. Purchases like these often end in stress, and shifting money around only makes things more confusing. Financing through Klarna offers relief from these hassles so that all you have to worry about is a smaller payment at regular intervals.

Oculus Alternatives 

Buying an Oculus is a serious investment if you’ve never had a VR headset, and maybe you’re unsure if you’ll like the experience. If you want a similar experience with alternate options, the choices below will fill the same role. 

Most Familiar – PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR is one of Oculus’ primary competitors, and it’s from a gaming titan you probably already know and love. While you may not get the same game options, you’ll get access to a library of games from the PlayStation network that have been optimized for a VR headset. The PlayStation VR is on par with the Oculus Quest price wise, so you’ll be getting an affordable deal with a company you may find more familiar.

PlayStation VR Bundle

As low as $54/mo for 12 months with Klarna


Most Innovative – Avegant Glyph

The Avegant Glyph might be for you if you feel VR headsets have too much bulk. This new-wave headset actually projects images directly onto your retinas to yield extremely clear gameplay experiences. It also doubles as a pair of headphones if you slide them upwards, or connect it to another device via HDMI cable for even more options. The Glyph is ultra-versatile, thoughtful and ultimately the most affordable Oculus alternative.

Avegant Glyph AG101

As low as $32/mo for 6 months with Klarna


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