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Quick Overview 🚀

Klarna is a buy now, pay later platform that makes online shopping simple, easy, and affordable. Once you sign up online or with the app, you can take advantage of several payment alternatives to shop on your budget. 

You can shop within Klarna’s app or website and select these payment options at checkout. But Klarna also partners with hundreds of online stores to help you afford their purchases wherever you shop. So, if you need to know how to buy an iPad with Klarna, you have options! 

Why Finance Your iPad at All?

A new iPad is an exciting purchase – and an expensive one. You may pay anywhere from $200 to $2,000 depending on the model’s, memory, camera quality, and other specs. And while that price tag might make you gasp, bear in mind that the newest generations are essentially touchscreen computers with an optional keyboard. 

While the product’s features may be worth the cost, that doesn’t mean you always have the cash in hand to afford the sticker price. At least, not in one lump payment.

Fortunately, the digital age has given rise to many “buy now, pay later” platforms and marketplaces. With these, you can split purchases into more management payments, finance the most expensive products, and even try before you buy – all without running up the tab on your credit card and dragging down your credit score. 

Use Abunda

Abunda isn’t just a buy now, pay later marketplace – it’s a one-stop online shop that puts purchasing power in your hands. With hundreds of millions of products on the “shelves” and millions more added daily, think of it like affordable Amazon financing in an easy-to-use package. 

As an aggregator, Abunda offers Klarna payment plans on everything Amazon has to offer. If you can’t find what you need by searching, just paste in the Amazon link directly! Whether you want a brand new 2021 Apple iPad or something a little more mini, there’s an affordable payment plan available. 

And speaking of: once you get to checkout, you’ll find that Abunda offers transparent options with no hidden fees. Instead, you can choose from several payment providers and split your purchase however makes sense for you, including:

  • Pay-in-four biweekly installments
  • Up to 36 months’ financing (bear in mind that this may come with a credit check)
  • Monthly installment plans

Plus, every purchase comes with instant financing approval decisions, free shipping, and a 30-day return policy. 

2021 iPad Pro

As low as $104/mo for 18 months with Klarna


2021 iPad Mini

As low as $52/mo for 12 months with Klarna


2020 iPad Air (4th Gen)

As low as $64/mo for 12 months with Klarna

Finance these and millions more on Abunda

Anywhere at All with the Klarna Browser Extension

Unfortunately, not all vendors have a Klarna option on their checkout page. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of Klarna everywhere you shop. 

With Klarna’s Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions, you should be able to shop at most online retailers using Klarna. 

To get started, just install the extension into your web browser and link it to your mobile app. Then, browse your favorite retailers, fill your cart with anything you want – in this case, the iPad of your dreams – and click “K” at checkout to split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments. 

The Klarna App

Shopping in the Klarna app is a cinch. Just use the platform’s search engine to find products you want and add them to your cart. Then, when you’re ready to check out, you can opt for options like Pay in 4 to make four biweekly installment payments or 3- to 36-month financing at 36% APR or less. 

Platforms Like Overstock, Decluttr, Until Gone, and More! 

Dozens of other retailers also partner with Klarna as a payment and financing option - the trick is finding the shops that sell Apple products. 

While most other sites do not offer Apple products, many offer Klarna Pay-in-4, 36-month financing, and 30-day free trials at checkout so you can truly try before you buy on purchases. All you have to do is select Klarna’s payment option at checkout to see your choices. 

Just be sure to check your credit before you opt for financing, as a hard credit pull can temporarily drop your score! 

Denied By Klarna? Try Abunda’s Alternatives! 

But if you can’t buy an iPad with Klarna because you’re denied, don’t panic - Abunda has your back! 

With Abunda’s buy now, pay later marketplace approach, you’re not limited to just one financier. Instead, you can choose from a variety of Abunda partners, including:

  • QuadPay
  • ViaBill
  • Shop Pay
  • And even PayPal

With any of these partners, you can readily split your payments into manageable chunks, such as four payments made biweekly. 

But if that’s still too much for you – and we get it, an iPad is a big expense! – ViaBill offers monthly purchasing plans instead. (Note that an Acima partnership is coming soon, which will add even more options at checkout!) 

Another benefit of using Abunda is the low minimum order amount. While Klarna requires a $10 minimum order, Abunda lets you finance purchases as small as just $4. So, if you need a new charger, protective cover, or stickers to personalize your new iPad, Abunda makes every product on its marketplace affordable and easy to obtain.

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