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Quick Overview 🚀

The Apple Mac line is a high quality computer brand that’s soared in popularity. In fact, Apple Mac computer shipments totaled 6.1 million units worldwide in the second quarter of 2021.

When you look at the features, it’s easy to see why Macs – especially MacBook laptops – became so popular. The sleek design, healthy battery life, and high-quality keyboard make MacBooks a popular choice for work-from-home employees and students alike. 

Plus, recent upgrades, including the all-new M1 processor chips, mean that the newest models pack an even more powerful punch than their predecessors, including beautiful graphics and a brilliant retina display. 

But above-average computing power comes at an above-average price. Depending on the model, size, and vendor, MacBooks range from about $700 to over $2,600. It’s no wonder buyers want to know how to buy a MacBook using Klarna. 

Ways To Finance with Klarna

Klarna is a buy now, pay later service that helps shoppers get their items immediately, without having to pay in full right away. Rather than saving money for months (or just not buying your MacBook at all), you can divide purchases into manageable, bite-sized payments.

1. Abunda

Abunda is a buy now, pay later marketplace that aggregates millions of products, especially Amazon products. Whether you’re in the market for a MacBook, an Apple TV, or even outdoor furniture, Abunda offers payment plans through multiple financing partnerships, including Klarna. 

Using Abunda, buyers have more financing choices and receive instant approval decisions. With fast, free shipping, a 30-day return policy, and a highly-rated customer service experience, you can feel confident that you’re making smart shopping decisions. 

To get started buying a MacBook using Klarna, simply shop around for what you need on Abunda and fill your cart. Then, when you go to check out, choose Klarna as your payment option. At that point, Klarna will provide payment options ranging from 6-36 months to choose from. 

Klarna lets you choose from various payment options, like:

  • Pay in 4. This is Klarna’s headline option for a good reason: it’s popular, easy to use, and comes at no extra cost. With Pay in 4, you can buy what you need now and split your purchase into four interest-free payments every two weeks. 
  • Monthly Financing. With Klarna’s credit financing options, you can choose terms that range from 6-36 months at 30% APR or less. Financing is provided by WebBank so you don’t have to worry about taking out a credit card just for one purchase. 

Then, all that’s left is to select the option that works for you and wait for your MacBook to arrive!

MacBook Pro with M1 Chip

As low as $73/mo for 18 months with Klarna


MacBook Air with M1 Chip

As low as $56/mo for 18 months with Klarna


MacBook Air with Core i5 (Renewed)

As low as $77/mo for 12 months with Klarna

Finance these and millions more on Abunda


Overstock is another seller of Apple products, many of which you may find at a slight discount. And, like Abunda, Overstock comes with Klarna built-in. 

To get started, you can browse Overstock for the exact MacBook model you want and add it to your cart. (Maybe pick up a few accessories, as well!) When you’re ready, navigate to the checkout screen and add your personal information if you’re not already logged in. 

Once you reach the “Payment Options” section, instead of providing your credit card information, select the “Klarna” button. A pop-up will appear informing you of your payment terms, including the price, monthly payments, and interest rate. Next, you’ll apply for Klarna financing via the 2-step application and receive an instant approval decision. 

After placing your order, you can manage everything else – including your payments – right in the Klarna app. 

3. Try MacHollywood for Your MacBook Needs

Another way to buy a MacBook using Klarna is with a specialty retailer like MacHollywood in California. 

MacHollywood offers a broad range of MacBooks, including new and pre-owned models at a variety of price points. You can also stock up on additional chargers, external batteries, and even laptop-safe backpacks while you’re at it!  

And once again, checking out with Klarna is a cinch. 

Simply add your MacBook - and any extras - to your cart and navigate to your cart. Enter your contact information and select a delivery or pickup method to continue. Then, instead of entering your card information, select “Pay over time with Klarna” and follow the instructions to get your new laptop!

4. Klarna Ghost Card

Another way to buy a MacBook using Klarna is with the Klarna Ghost Card. This one-time card is a digital-only, one-time-use card that lets you control your spending. Each card generates a card number attached to your Klarna account that you can use at any United States online store. 

To generate and use your Ghost Card:

  • Create or log into your Klarna account
  • Tap on the “My Klarna” tab and generate a one-time card
  • Enter the dollar amount you want to spend
  • Add your payment details
  • Shop for a MacBook in the Klarna app and head to checkout
  • Select the “credit card” option and provide your one-time card information

Or, if you’re not sure how much you’re spending ahead of time, you can create and fund a Ghost Card from the checkout screen by tapping “Pay with Klarna.” Easy as pie!

Financing Your MacBook with Klarna is Easy!

Financing big-ticket items lets you buy what you need now if you can’t afford the full price upfront. But financing often comes with a big catch: interest rates and extra fees. When putting items on credit, you usually end up paying more than the purchase price for products. 

With Klarna, you can finance anything, from refrigerators to jeans to a new Apple MacBook, with interest-free options readily available. If you get the chance to buy now and pay later without risking your credit score, why wouldn’t you learn how to buy a MacBook using Klarna?

If you’re not sure whether Klarna offers the best payment plan, Abunda lets you comparison shop between Klarna and other financing options, so you can walk away with a MacBook and payment plan that works best for you!

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