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Quick Overview 🚀

GoPros are built for users that want to capture their most thrilling moments. Adventure cams like GoPros are ideal so that your nature walk, kayaking expedition or surfing excursion isn’t spent awkwardly managing your phone or camera. The ability to strap a camera to your vehicle or helmet and capture real time video can be done most effectively with a GoPro. And thanks to Klarna, GoPros are now a feasible investment for your next outdoor vacation.

GoPro got its start from humble beginnings in 2002 and they’ve experienced steady growth via their fame with outdoor enthusiasts. Consistently rated as the best adventure camera, GoPros have achieved great success in easily bringing the most intense adventures to a wider audience. If adventuring isn’t quite your thing, they do an excellent job capturing your dog’s silliest moments too!

1. Abunda

Abunda offers Klarna payment plans to easily finance your GoPro purchase. Find your desired GoPro and add it to your cart along with any of the 100 million Amazon products available through Abunda. You’ll be able to pay off your entire purchase with a choice of financing options at checkout. Klarna’s GoPro payments alone start at a reasonable $28 per installment, and you can quickly compare your payment options to see which one is right for you. Complete checkout in under one minute to gear up for your next adventure!


  • Bundle items to finance your entire cart
  • Five different financing options available at checkout
  • 30-day returns & fast shipping


  • Only Amazon products are available for purchase at this time

GoPro Hero10 Black

As low as $42/mo for 12 months with Klarna


GoPro Hero9 Black

As low as $33/mo for 12 months with Klarna


GoPro Hero8 Black

As low as $31/mo for 12 months with Klarna

Finance these and millions more on Abunda

2. GameStop

GameStop offers a variety of tech to suit the masses, so it’s no wonder GoPros are popular items for gamers and techies alike. Premium shipping coupled with four payments over six weeks keeps your purchase short & sweet. Klarna financing through GameStop helps you focus on your next excursion instead of purchasing hassles. Plus, you can bundle your GoPro purchase with the latest games you’ve had your eye on.

Klarna can be used to finance your whole cart at checkout so your entire purchase is condensed into a single payment. Add your GoPro of choice as well as any additional products, and you’ll immediately have a payment plan mapped out. GoPro payments start as low as $81 for a brand-new model, and you can always include a warranty for extra protection.


  • Additional financing options to consider at checkout
  • Free premium shipping


  • Klarna plans can’t be combined with GameStop gift cards

3. Overstock

With over 1.5 million products and counting, Overstock has almost any item imaginable at a discounted price. GoPros are no exception as there are a few different models available for purchase. Klarna payment plans are offered on Overstock so you can easily finance your entire purchase on one straightforward payment schedule.

Simply add your GoPro of choice to your cart along with any other items you want to finance. Pick out your ideal payment plan at checkout and you’ll have your GoPro before you know it!


  • Free 3-6-day ground shipping
  • Can use more than one payment method at checkout


  • Faster shipping may be available elsewhere

GoPro History

GoPro was founded by fellow explorer Nick Woodman in 2002. After a trip to Australia, he became frustrated with the lack of professional equipment available to outdoor adventurers. This shortage made him determined to create his own devices to catalogue his experiences. Since “going pro” was the goal that Nick and his friends had in mind, the namesake was born. While the original GoPros were 35mm film cameras, the fixed-lens camera version came about in 2014. 

Considering that GoPro topped $350 million in their last quarter of 2020, it’s safe to say that more outdoor activities have positively impacted GoPro sales. While there are plenty of variations available in 2021, the end goal of capturing adventurous experiences and going pro remains the same.

Why Finance a GoPro?

Sometimes gnarly feats call for a new investment. Whether you’re ready to trek the great outdoors, or you just want to see what your dog sees, you’re bound to have a lot of fun with a GoPro. However; it’s not always in the cards to make a big impulse purchase, or to buy a large gift for someone else. Financing is great for situations where money may be tight and payments are more feasible than splurging all at once.

GoPro Alternatives

If you’re not into the GoPro hype or you’re not in the mood to spend serious cash, don’t sweat it! There are plenty of similar adventure camera choices to choose from in case you’re not ready to invest in a GoPro. The following options are suitable alternatives that will give you comparable results. 

Most Comparable – Garmin VIRB 

Garmin has been a contender in the tech market for some time, and their VIRB camera has garnered legitimate attention. Featuring ultra 4K HD, axis stabilization, metric overlay and flight audio recording, the VIRB is at a similar price point to the GoPro. Financing through Klarna starts at a reasonable $47 per month with fast shipping and 30-day returns included.

Garmin VIRB XE

As low as $37/mo for 12 months with Klarna


Most Affordable – Akaso EK7000

As far as budget-friendly choices, the Akaso EK7000 boasts high marks for its comparability to GoPro at a lower price point. 4K ultra-HD, two rechargeable batteries, waterproof to 100 feet and built-in Wi-Fi are the main selling features on the EK7000 that put it above and beyond. With payments as low as $13, it’s no wonder this is GoPro’s most affordable competition.

Akaso EK7000

As low as $11/mo for 6 months with Klarna


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